Ticklebug for Android


A Smart, Simple PC Remote Control

With Ticklebug, your phone becomes your keyboard and mouse for your Windows and Mac computers.

Get 1.0 for your PC computer
Ticklebug Screenshot

If you don't already have Ticklebug for Android installed on your device, get it now in the Google Play store!


You can try Ticklebug for free! An ad-free pro version of the app is now available!


No clutter. No setup. Ready to use out-of-the-box.


Automatically detects controllable PCs. Windows and Macs are supported. Adaptive buffering accommodates for high latency networks.

Complete Control

Your mobile device becomes a trackpad and motion sensor making it easy to point, click, drag, scroll, and zoom! Your phone's keyboard lets you type just as you would on a computer.


Use handy shortcuts for supported web and media applications.

Voice Commands

The future is here! Ask Ticklebug to search the web and view sites by speaking! In the pro version, executable files can be run with a start voice command!